Crew of the Osprey

Dave Ortland

I've always wanted to be a pirate, someone to knock the stuffing out of Peter Pan types who never want to grow up. Where's the fun in that when one can be an old curmudgeon shaking his fist at the world instead?

The closest I've come to pirate status is leading a band of rowdy scoundrels from the Washington Kayak Club on a reign of terror around waterways and brew pubs of the Salish sea. Terror for us, not the citizenry. Yet we always managed to wash ashore, and here's to washing ashore after this adventure as well.

Stay tuned for my mutiny and subsequent yard arm hanging.

A pirate’s fate
A pirate’s fate

Andy Ryan

Osprey's skipper has been messing around in small craft since he was a lad. Andy worked summers on a commercial fishing boats—and for at least 15 years he has been planning a voyage to Glacier Bay. He acquired Osprey (his fourth boat, not counting a fleet of kayaks) in 2013. Andy is dedicating this trip to his wonderful wife, Marla, who has been more supportive of his adventures than he has any right to expect.

Andy, circa 1878
Andy, circa 1878
In warmer waters
In warmer waters
Our particular friend, practicing pirate Gus
Our particular friend, practicing pirate Gus

Kinnon Williams

With the occupation of Philosopher King no longer a viable career option, Kinnon chose to follow his father’s footsteps and became a lawyer. Now, lawyer, adventurer and repressed bohemian, he embarks on his next great adventure in the Alaskan wild.


Bill Ryan

Andy’s brother is a nautical novice despite his lineage. Formerly a radical newspaper editor in New York and a UN media officer in Bangkok, he lives in NYC and NW Connecticut.


Sam Farmer

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