White sand beach in Burdwood Group, Broughton Islands (Julie Burman)

JULIE AND I MOTORED INTO northeast Vancouver Island’s Port McNeill after a two-week, 673-mile maritime road trip that took us from the densely populated Puget Sound region to the glorious reaches of British Columbia’s remote Desolation Sound and Broughton Archipelago. It was rejuvenating to get out of Megalopolis, if only for a while. I believe Ms. Burman (the best of sports) and I remain pals—a remarkable accomplishment for two people shoe-horned for 15 days into a boat cabin the size of a tiny jail cell, much of the time in drizzle and fog.

Here’s a selection of Julie’s photos from a most memorable voyage:


Basking on the bow (Julie Burman)


Asiatic lilies, Lund


Entering Desolation Sound (Julie Burman)


Toba Inlet, Desolation Sound (Julie Burman)


Coast Range glaciers, from Toba Inlet (Julie Burman)


Lacy Falls, in Tribune Channel, Broughton Archipeligo (Julie Burman)


Pictograph of sailing ships, near historic First Nations village of Karlukwees, along Beware Passage (Julie Burman)


Paddle board campers on the edge of Queen Charlotte Strait (Julie Burman)


Entrance to the historic village of Mimkwamlis (Village Island), which was occupied until 1972 by the Mama̱liliḵa̱la First Nation. (Julie Burman)


Ruins on Village Island (Julie Burman)


Village Island (Julie Burman)


At Village Island (Julie Burman)


‘Namgis original burial grounds and totems, Alert Bay (Julie Burman)


Giant halibut-man carved by Stephen Bruce, 1995, Alert Bay (Julie Burman)


Alert Bay net shed (Julie Burman)


Buster Islet, among the Fog Islets, Broughton Archipelago (Julie Burman)


Julie Burman, at Sullivan Bay Marina